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Animated Muslim

assalamualaikum to all my beloved friends. How do you do? Fine?
i hope you all seriously indeed in good health. 
Today i would like to share my knowlodge to everyone. 
What i supposed to say here is about animated site muslim for my blog. 
Before this i talk about animated muslim that created by maynazak ( the creator for this picture ). 
other picture

Okey, this picture very lovely is it?? ^_^, Smile is charity! So, for those
who love smiling,he or she even more happy because of it. 
In islam Rasullullah s.a.w's smile very sweet, gentle and never laugh before.
If prophet Mohammed s.a.w laugh, he just smile. 
it is very bad if you laugh very hard. You can forget even the world. So just smile! ^_^... 

i have contact maynazak. I asked him something. 
Ya Akhi (Borther) '' Can you tell me what refrences
you used? I very love your drawing ''
Of course i give him comment in his site. I am waiting and nothing happened.. 
He have about 100.000 page view of his site. Wow it is very femous! 
So after searching and searching i found a few 
questions that other person asked him (how greatfull i am ) 

Someone asked : "How long does it take you to finish a page?"
He said              : ''as for finishing a page, it could take less 
                           than 1 day (sometimes a few hours) but          
                            sometimes more (depending on my mood)''. 

Someone asked : "What process do you go through and all?" 
He said              : ''usually I think about the events and the dialog, make a 
                           quick draft of the page (with the  
                           dialog included) start sketching and then make the lineart.
                           I am trying to learn to use some  
                           PS screentones to color. and it's working well. Alhamdulillah''. 

Someone asked : "How long do you think it would take me 
                            to get as good as you?"
He said              : ''it all depends on how often do you draw. if you try to
                            draw everyday, your skill will 
                           certainly improve faster (btw, I am glad that 
                            you see my art good.)''. 

Someone asked"and what do I need to do to get to that goal?" 
He said              : I tell you what I do to learn:

                          1- download hundreds of mangas from free manga websites
                               such as and
                      (especially those with good art/story...) 
                               and keep them as references

                          2- download any good artwork in dA I like
                               (either drawing or coloring style) 
                               and keep them in organized folders named 
                               according to the artists.

                          3- try to imitate some good artists and see which one you 
                               can imitate the best. start with  
                              artists that have easy style such as Azumanga Daioh 
                              when you find one or two, try to  
                              draw in their style more and more.

                          4- use references for the poses/hair/eyes/clothes and 
                              everything else (important at start).

                          5-when you find that the style you are 
                              using to draw seems good,
                             carry on and try to draw different characters in the 
                             same style (still don't focus on colors yet) 
                             just drawsketches/linearts. 

                           6- if you like to make mangas, try to start with
                               short ones (1 or 2 pages)
                               so that you can finish them faster and won't 
                                get bored while doing them. 

                           7-once you are satisfied about your drawing style,
                               try to add some colors.  

wow, I took just like forever to draw manga or anime muslim. 
Thanks to this refrences, 
insyaAllah i wanted to try just like him. Actually it is
my hobby in drawing especially in anime! ^_^. 
I make a now one but is not lineart. Just colour the picture. 
i am suck at this.   Just a second ..

  Done. 100% uploaded!!! Ok, This is my first art, actually i have the very 
first one but i dont want to show you because it is awful ^_^. 
This picture not veru hard but it took
forever to colour it! -___-! Say Alhamdulillah i just finished it!.  

I make this picture by using photohsop CS5 EXENDED, Very helpfull. If you 
used another option just like SAI
lineart tool or Photoshop element 8 it;s ok because
if you have knowledge about these option, this drawing
just pieace of cake! ^_^ (not relly). Other references form website are 

1. Lineart tutorial. This is very helpfull
2. search in you tube. Lot of it. This is one of the example.
3.Maynzak site!! Look his picture the way he coloured

That all for now i guess, So used your talent to tell about islam insyaAllah! leave your comment tq


Assalamualaikum to all my friends and for those who read this blog, This is not new post in  my edited pages.
Before this i try to teel you something about animated muslim. I write this post again. Okey let start..


I get this picture from this site. You know what, something is different. I if you look at it, you can see about their t-shirt show word about islam. Take your time and find the word. This is test for you ^_^.
I very love the way he make this picture in colouring, editing and lineart. Very awesome. Actually not only this picture, If you search in that website that i just give you, lots of it. The drawing picture in version anime very cute

Furthemore every time he posted the new picture or drawing he give a tazkiroh or remind muslim people about islam. If you read about his site it is very awesome and lots of information. I very love it. Not only of course but all people i guess. Somehow some people don't like his work. InsyaAllah May Allah guide him amin.

 This is the female version!

 Second question is '' can you find word islam in this picture?'' tik tok tik tok. Time is up! Okey, glaze your eyes for a momment and look carefully to this picture. What?? You can't find it?? I tell you the answer. The answer is HANDS!. Congrate!  If you smile, you can felt about something fun. is it? ^__^ so always smile guys.

 Okey this is for now and i hope this information can help you little for those who love in design especially in anime version! okey gud luck. and one thing is important as a muslim. If you have lot of talent such as drawing or else, tell people about islam via your talent, InsyaAllah Allah will give us guide because we help  HER will ^_^ assalamualaikum!

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